Deformacinis profilis ALPHAJOINT CLASSIC 4010, 1vnt. (3 m)

Deformacinis profilis ALPHAJOINT CLASSIC 4010, 1vnt. (3 m)

Prekių pristatymo terminas 8-16 d.d.
The original – the Classic – AlphaJoint.  Well known as the ‘industry standard’ armoured joint, this remains a popular choice for many projects due to its strength and versatility.
  • Heavy duty joint arris protection.
  • Shear studs securely anchor the joint into the slab along its length.
  • Resistant to twisting caused by the impact of wheeled traffic.
  • Efficient load transfer between adjacent concrete slabs with plate dowels.
  • Allows controlled horizontal slab movement, preventing random cracking.
  • Eliminate vertical movement between slabs during concrete contraction, for a level floor surface.
  • Supplied as one unit for easy handling and installation - the two sides are connected with frangible rivets which separate naturally after installation.
  • Also available with Permaflex ‘T’ tape system pre-installed as special order – contact our sales team for more information.
  • Suitable for a wide range of internal applications, but particularly heavy duty ones - such as industrial buildings and waste transfer stations.
  • Ideal for free movement areas, but also suitable for most other areas
  • Suitable for use with most vehicle types.  
  • Suitable for larger joint openings, up to 30mm.
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